Windshield Care:
Wash off all dust thoroughly with a garden hose before wiping dry with a 100% cotton cloth. DO NOT USE PRODUCTS CONTAINING AMMONIA. We suggest a cleaner we carry used especially for acrylic windshields. Failure to use caution cleaning your windshield will lead to it becoming scratched.

Paint Care:

Do not wax the surface of the car for approximately 3 months as the paint needs time to fully cure. Placing stickers or decals on the paint will over time discolor the paint, and the paint will be more likely to lift if you remove the sticker or decal.

Tire Care:

Inflate car tires to 30 psi. Over or under inflation will lead to premature tire replacement.

Seat Cover:
We use 100% nylon seat upholstery. They cannot be damaged by water. However, if they get wet, moisten the entire seat to avoid water lines.


New gasoline golf cars will smell hot for the first month. This is normal as the golf car is new and tight. New oil is clear and very difficult to see. We checked the level in your car at delivery, so do not overfill by adding more oil. You will also hear a small “clunk” when shifting from forward to reverse. This is normal; take up in the clutch.


Electric golf cars should be charged every time they are used. Use CAUTION around the charger and cord as they will become HOT when your car is being charged. The temperature and buzzing sounds are normal and are to be expected. Make sure you always check the water in your batteries before you charge them. NEVER charge batteries dry. To fill your batteries with water, lift the seat up and twist off the battery caps. Water must always cover the plates. The collar, or neck that is part of the plastic case, sticks down about an inch and a half. This is your fill mark. Fill half way between plates (minimum level) and bottom of collar (maximum level) to prevent boil over. Do not overfill the batteries as they will overflow when you charge them, and the acid will run onto your garage floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “Do I need to charge my new batteries?”

Answer: We recommend you charge your new batteries completely before you use your golf car. This can take anywhere from a few hours to several hours depending on the state of charge your batteries were in when they came from the manufacturer.

Question: “I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks. Can I leave the golf car on the charger?”

Answer: If it is a 1995 or newer 48 Volt Club Car, the answer is yes. Remember to check the water in your batteries before you leave and after you get back. If it is a 1995 or older 48 Volt Club Car, Yamaha or E-Z-GO, then charge it up before you go, unplug it and then charge it again when you get back. Again, remember to check the water in your batteries before you leave and after you return.

For gas golf cars, if you are leaving for more than 2 months, we recommend that you use fuel stabilizer in the gas one week before you leave. If you own an electric golf car and are leaving for more than 2 months, have a friend charge and maintain the batteries to your car at least once a month. This will help, but not guarantee, that your car will run when your return.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. Thank You!

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